The Silver Story, A Starry Night. 

 The Silver Story, A Starry Night is an Album / Multi-Medium art project that has been in development for a long while.  The Silver Story, A Starry Night is a project about nature, growing, relationships and existence.   The project consists of a 15 Track LP (which includes remastered versions of the recently released singles "Silver Eyes" and "Dreams"), A 15 piece polyptych which corresponds with the songs of the album and several short films which also correspond with a different song.  As The Silver Story, A Starry Night is being worked on for release on digital platforms and streaming services, I am also working on having it being physically developed on Tape Cassette for requested release.  Both the Album and Polyptych poster portion of "The Silver Story, A Starry Night"   are set to be released this summer with the short film portion coming in the following months. Specific dates coming in a few weeks...  For now you can listen to the earlier released singles "Silver Eyes" and "Dreams" by clicking the link in my bio.  I'd be extremely grateful if all of you wonderful people shared the word & the sounds...  Spread the Music,  Spread the Love.  Thanks.